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Things I’ll mention here apply to any profession at any time. It will help you to grow no matter if you’re an experienced manager or still a student.

1. Learn how to manage your personal finance.

Living at the level you cannot afford is immaturity.

This year has been tough.

If you were prepared and got some financial reserves — good. If not then think about how you can improve.

Think about the long-term goal.

Prepare your plan.

Execute it. Do not hurry. Set your own pace. But keep in mind what you want to achieve.

It will help you to sleep better, be prepared for any situation…

I became a CEO! What do I do now?

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Being a CEO is not an easy thing, especially if you are at the beginning of your path or do not have much previous experience in that kind of role. I’m talking about initiatives where a bunch of good friends gathered together in a basement or at a hackathon to create a web app that now has pretty many users and they are about to monetize it and grow.

As I'm one of those kids here is the list of 3 things each Startup CEO has to do. …

Many of us want to learn new skills. No matter if it’s a new way of drawing, a new cooking recipe, or a new programming language. We learn during our whole life but still, we keep having problems with some part of our learning process. In this short article below I want to give you just a few ideas that I use personally in my life as a Software Engineer. I’m sure all of them are common for all disciplines, so let’s check them!

  1. Find your “Why”

Doing anything without a purpose often makes no sense. It seems not necessary…

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Every person no matter if newbie in software development or a decent geek just trying new ways of working has encountered a problem with what to do after completing basic coding tutorials. You can continue with other tutorials and then other tutorials and so on, but that’s not the only way to extend your skills as a software developer. In this article, I’ll present you 6 best ways to do after passing the coding introduction and how to dive deeper into the software engineering world. Here we go!

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Every Software Developer is focused on self-development. Without following the newest tech trends you’ll end up in boring code with low paying company. For sure that’s not what we want to do! Why treat yourself badly?

Most of us try to read books, blog, attend meetups or conferences. In this article, I want to talk about conferences and why being a volunteer on a few of them is the best thing that happens to me.

First of all, being a volunteer is not an easy job. You have to take care of presenters, attendees, snacks for guests, or lecture halls…

In the previous article, I pointed at some arguments about why you should learn Scala. In this one, I want to show you what are the best resources. Applies to newbies, beginners, and people already introduced to Scala.

Now we can start!

Online resources

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Video Courses

  1. Martin Odersky — Functional Programming Principles in Scala

I can’t call myself a real Scala guy if I don’t put Martin Odersky’s (Scala’s inventor) course as my #1. I think many people start at this point. I have to admit that it’s not so easy but in my opinion, it’s worth passing at some point in your…

While going through the internet you can find many questions like: Is it still worth learning Scala? Is Scala relevant in 2021? What is better than Scala? Java or Scala — comparison anyone? And many many more. You can find many Reddit answers or other blog posts explaining this, but in the article below I’d like to explain why you should start learning Scala from my point of view.

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1. Soft Transformation to Functional Programming

Scala supports two paradigms of programming: The object-Oriented approach and Functional programming. For those who are familiar with Java, Kotlin, or any other OO programming language it will be really easy…

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